Idiom:  out of order


Idiom:  out of order

  • not working
  • broken

Example sentences

  • This coffee machine is out of order so don’t put any coins in it.
  • I cannot believe the copy machine is out of order again.
  • Four of the dryers were out of order so I'm going to a different laundromat tomorrow.
  • I've started to keep a log of all the times this copy machine goes out of order.
  • The soda machine is out of order but we've already called to have it repaired.
  • I'm terribly sorry but our credit card machine is out of order so we can only accept cash and checks this evening.
  • Don't go in there! The toilet is out of order and it's really disgusting.
  • The flight to Hong Kong was 16 hours and my entertainment console was out of order.
  • A:  Is the scanner still out of order?  B: Yes, but we bought a new one yesterday.


  • not in service
  • on the blink
  • on the fritz
  • out of kilter

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