Idiom:  on the cutting edge


Idiom:  on/at the cutting edge (of something)

  • something that is the first of a new technology, etc.

Example sentences

— Apple's products are always on the cutting edge, then everyone tries to copy them.

— These printer models are at the cutting edge of 3D printing. 

— If you want to see what’s on the cutting edge of technology, then I recommend you take a look at TED talks on YouTube.

— Check out the technology section of the newspaper and you’ll find really interesting stories about new products that are at the cutting edge of technology.

— Our company is on the cutting edge of robotics and you can find more information by checking out our website.

— Decades ago, in-vitro fertilization was on the cutting edge of technology but now it’s an ordinary type of treatment for infertility issues.

— GMO‘s are on the cutting edge of agriculture but there’s a lot of resistance to these new crops by environmental groups.

— Our company is exploring vaccines at the cutting edge of treatments for several infectious diseases and it’s imperative that governments invest in research alongside us.

— If you want to invest in companies that are on the cutting edge of new technologies then I recommend you look at start up’s in Silicon Valley.


  • on/at the leading edge
  • ahead of it's time

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