Idiom:  on someone’s case


Idiom:  on someone’s case

  • to repeatedly tell someone what to do or criticize them

Example sentences

  • My wife is always on my case about keeping the garage clean and tidy.
  • My parents were never on my case about anything—I guess I was a pretty good kid.
  • I have to get off the phone now. My mom's on my case to finish my homework.
  • Your boyfriend's always on your case to wear dresses—doesn't that annoy you?
  • I've got to pay my Visa bill tonight or they'll be on my case again calling night and day.
  • Will get on your case again if your grades drop the semester.
  • My daughter is a personal trainer so she's always on my case to exercise.
  • My boss is on my case again to reach my sales target. It's so stressful.
  • I'm tired of getting on your case about our taxes. Please give me the information tonight so I can forward it to our accountant.


  • be on one's back

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