Idiom:  on demand


Idiom:  on demand

  • at any time something is needed

Example sentences

— On international flights most movies are on demand so it’s easy to be entertained when you travel.

— My boss expected me to work on demand, so after a year of getting his calls in the evenings and every weekend I got tired and quit.

— With the Tennis TV app, I no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch professional women's tennis matches since they offer full replays of matches on demand.

— I have the ESPN app, which not only enables me to watch sports on demand, but I can also fast-forward through commercials.

— Personally, I think Netflix is the best video on demand service.

— Anyone can be a published writer these days by using print on demand services.

— We can get any kind of printing done on demand and it's not too expensive.

— In the developed world, we take many things for granted, like having clean water and electricity on demand.

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