Idiom:  on and on (and on)


Idiom:  (go) on and on (and on)

  • continuously without stopping

Example sentences

— These management meetings just go on and on and on and I can never get any work done.

— This rain has gone on and on for days—I wonder when it will stop.

— As usual, Mrs. Brown's list of complaints goes on and on and on.

— The tulips fields in Holland just went on and on. It was breathtaking.

— You could keep going on and on about your problems or you could do something about them.

— Your mother just goes on and on about negative events from the news.

— Did you see that model's legs? They seemed to go on and on.

— Why do you go on and on about your problems at work? Leave your troubles at the office.

— Dr. Jeffries went on and on during the meeting about food labeling issues instead of talking about the discussion topic.

— Blah, blah, blah. My daughter and her friends just giggle on and on. It's so annoying.

— The line at the club went on and on so the two cutest girls from our group went to talk to the bouncer and he let us in.


  • non-stop
  • for ages
  • 'till the cows come home
  • forever and a day

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