Idiom:  nothing much


Idiom:  nothing much

  • very little, not a great amount
  • not of big importance

Note: This phrase is often used as a response to someone who has expressed thanks for some act of kindness—to say that what was done was not a hardship.

Example sentences

— Oh, it was nothing much.  I’m always happy to help.

— There’s nothing much left to do so just sit down and relax until dinner is ready.

— A: "What did you do on your vacation?" B: "Nothing much. I just lounged at the beach reading."

— A: "Grandma, thank you for the money." B: "You're welcome, dear. It was nothing much."

— A: "What are the kids doing now?" "Nothing much. Just watching TV."

— Our weekend was great. We did nothing much but hang out with our dogs.

— A: "What's going on this weekend." B: "Nothing much."

— A: "You went to so much trouble to bake this cake!" B: "Oh, honestly, it was nothing much."


  • small change
  • no trouble
  • no big deal

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