Idiom:  music to someone's ears


Idiom:  music to someone's ears

  • information that someone is glad to hear
  • good news

Example sentences

— My son's decision to move home was music to our ears.

— You're going to have a baby?  That's music to my ears

— Hearing my mother’s voice after three years was music to my ears.

— It's hard work now, but when you hear your name called to get your diploma at graduation it will be music to your ears.

— After waiting in the airport for 36 hours, it was music to our ears to hear we were finally rescheduled on another flight.

— Hearing my girlfriend say "yes" to my marriage proposal was music to my ears.

— When the police announced that my father had been rescued, it was music to our ears.

— When we told our son we'd got him tickets to see The Rolling Stones, it was music to his ears.

— Hearing my baby cry after she was born was music to my ears.

— The announcement that our connecting flight was delayed and therefore we wouldn't miss the plane was certainly music to our ears.

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