Idiom:  mark down something


Idiom:  mark down something (mark something down)

  • to lower the price of something

Example sentences

— I actually bought two pairs of shoes because they were marked down to $49.99 from $129.00.

— Do you know when you plan to mark these jackets down?

— Let's go to the mall today. They've marked summer clothes down already.

— I love these boots but they're so expensive. I hope to buy them when they're marked down.

— I only buy designer clothing if it's marked down.

— Shopping is such a game. Things are always marked up and then they mark them down to pretend they're on sale.

— I'd wait until Labor Day. You know they'll mark prices down at least 20% for the holiday.

— The store's employee discount is valid even when items are already marked down.

— All the phones on that display over there are marked down.


  • knock off (the price of something)

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