Idiom:  make believe


Idiom:  make believe

  • pretend or imagine something is real

Example sentences

— When I was a kid I used to make believe I was a dog and I even ate from my dog’s dish a few times.

— I know you don’t like my friend Janie but since it’s my birthday, can you make believe you do just for tonight?

— I asked my kids what they were arguing about and they said they were make believing they were married like my husband and I.

— My father died two years ago but whenever I don't know what to do about a situation, I simply make believe he is advising me and it always helps.

— I have a feeling my boyfriend make believed he liked the prom I bought so I'll exchange it for one that's more conservative.

— Can you please focus? You're always make believing the most ridiculous problems that would never happen.

— I know you don't feel confident but you have to make believe you are to close sales.

— The athlete confessed his college success was largely due to make believing he was already a professional basketball player since he was in high school.


  • play the part
  • play-act
  • act as though
  • make like

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