Idiom:  leave one’s mark


Idiom:  leave one’s mark (on someone/something)

  • to leave a lasting effect on something/someone
  • to do something that is memorable

Note:  This is also often used in the form of leave a mark on someone/something.

Example sentences

— I’m hoping to leave my mark on this school by creating a great drama department.

— Michael Jackson left his mark on the music world not just with his music but also with his innovative dances, choreography and videos.

— President Trump is leaving a devastating mark on the environment by pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

— Exactly what kind of mark are the Kardashian's leaving on this world?

— Serena William left her mark on tennis by wearing a black catsuit as new rules allow women to wear leggings and shorts at regular tournaments if they choose to.

— "Mind Change: How Digital Technologies Are Leaving Their Mark On Our Brains" by Susan Greenfield is a fascinating book.

— Manufacturing jobs left a lasting mark on West Virginia's economy not just because of job creation but because the quality of those jobs was significant.

— We're having a one-day conference at our school next week about how to leave your mark on the world.


  • leave a legacy

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