Idiom:  land on one's feet


Idiom:  land on one's feet

  • to survive a difficult situation in good condition by luck or chance
  • to be in a good or better situation after going through a difficult experience

Example sentences

— I'm so glad I was able to land on my feet after losing my job.

— She's had six months of physical therapy after the accident but still hasn't landed on her feet

— Since I lived in a very small town my whole life, I was surprised how quickly I landed on my feet after moving to London.

— She not only survived breast cancer but she ran a marathon after she landed on her feet.

— My ex-girlfriend landed on her feet quickly after we broke up when she was discovered by a model scout while on vacation.

— My roommate always lands on her feet after final exams, even though she barely studies.

— The football player's career was cut short with a terrible injury, but he landed on his feet with a new job in coaching.

— We've moved to three different countries in six years and each time, my children have had no problem landing on their feet.

— I'm relieved my secretary landed on her feet after we fired her for being late.

— I'm proud of how quickly my son landed on his feet after changing schools during high school.

— One of my strengths is that I've worked in three different industries and quickly landed on my feet each time.

— We thought Jonathan would land on his feet but he's really struggling setting up our Beijing office.


  • fall on one's feet

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