Idiom:  lag behind


Idiom:  lag behind (someone/something)

  • to be behind the level or progress of someone/something else

Example sentences

— During the entire race, Stacy lagged behind the leaders but she drew even at the last 500 meters and passed everyone at the finish line to win the race.

— Test scores for the poorest children continue to lag far behind those of the middle class.

— Several employees' response times are lagging behind the others so we need to do some retraining. 

— Don't worry, your son will be fine.  My son's speech also lagged behind the average initially because he grew up in a bilingual home.

— Let's have one teacher walk at the back of the group make sure no one lags behind and gets separated.

— We need to do some research into why production in this facility lags behind the others.

— My strategy was to lag behind the other cyclists and surge at the last minute of the end race but I couldn't sprint as fast as the others.

— COVID-19 infections lagged behind the super-spreader events at the White House.


  • trail behind

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