Idiom:  knock someone off their feet


Idiom:  knock someone off their feet

  • to completely impress or excite someone
  • to overwhelm someone emotionally
  • to make a very positive impression

Example sentences

— When I first met Jennifer she completely knocked me off my feet.

— The results of the new sales campaign are going to knock you off your feet

— The show of support from complete strangers when our house burned down completely knocked us off our feet.

— The Broadway play "Hamilton" really knocked the critics off their feet because telling history through rap and hip-hop was something they hadn't seen before in theater.

— That interview completely knocked us off our feet. We couldn't believe how forthcoming the candidate was about the questions.

— Have you seen Cirque du Soleil? Every single time I've gone to see them I've been knocked off my feet.

— Christian Dior's new collection at Fashion Week really knocked everybody off their feet.

— The first time I ever tried a cronut—half croissant, half donut—I was completely knocked off my feet and have been addicted to them ever since.


  • blow someone away
  • take one's breath away
  • knock one's socks off

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