Idiom:  kid around


Idiom:  kid around

  • to tease or joke with someone
  • to act in a silly way

Example sentences

  • I really like my boss because he’s not that serious and likes to kid around with the rest of us.
  • Put your toys away and go to bed! I'm not kidding around!
  • Don't cry. Your grandfather was just kidding around when he said your blue hair makes you look like a Smurf.
  • Would you stop kidding around with the interns and work on the report?
  • That guy must really like you. He's always kidding around and trying to tease you.
  • I wish I could tell my roommate's boyfriend to stop kidding around with me. I hate it.
  • Why are you so serious? I was just kidding around.
  • What you think is "just kidding around" could seriously offend someone else so be careful.
  • You love to kid around but hate it when others do the same to you.
  • Your teacher said you need to focus on learning during class and stop kidding around with your classmates.


  • fool around
  • pick on
  • horse around
  • play with
  • toy around
  • goof around

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