Idiom:  keyed up


Idiom:  keyed up

  • feeling interested and excited about something
  • feeling worried, tense, nervous and irritable about something

Example sentences

— My kids have been keyed up for Halloween ever since we bought their costumes.

— My students are so keyed up for the summer break I can't get anyone's attention.

— The grand opening is tomorrow and the entire staff is keyed up for the ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration.

— I’m really keyed up about my presentation this afternoon.

— You’re really keyed up. Why don’t you try some deep breathing?

— I'm so keyed up about tomorrow's exam I can't sleep.

— Our kids are so keyed up to see their mom whose been deployed to Iraq for 6 months.

— My son won't admit it but he's all keyed up about being the starting quarterback for his football game tomorrow.

— You're always so keyed up about work. Perhaps you should find another job.

— Don't worry. It's natural to feel keyed up at an interview.


excite and interested synonyms:

  • on pins and needles
  • with bells on
  • with bated breath
  • on the edge of your seat
  • pumped up

Nervous and agitated synonyms:

  • on edge
  • ill at ease
  • strung up
  • wound up
  • under pressure
  • worked up

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