Idiom:  keep up something


Idiom:  keep up something (keep something up)

  • to continue to do something
  • to keep managing to do something even though it is difficult

Example sentences

  • Keep up that negative attitude and no one’s going to want to be around you.
  • I hope you keep your hopes up about the future because I’m sure things will change soon.
  • If everyone keeps up the pace, we’re going to finish the project ahead of the deadline.
  • Keep up the good work. You're doing a fantastic job!
  • Keep up your weightlifting each week. Doing cardio alone is not enough.
  • We have to keep our weekly cleaning up or our house gets very dirty very quickly.
  • I hope to keep up going to bed at 9:00 pm every night even after school ends for the summer.
  • We hope to keep this production schedule up for another month to meet the holiday demand.
  • The strike is working. We just need to keep it up a few more days and we'll surely get the owners to agree to a compromise.
  • Keep up your dieting. You're obviously losing weight.
  • If you keep up sending your boyfriend so many text messages he's going to get annoyed with you.
  • I couldn't keep my credit card payments up any longer and had to file for bankruptcy.


  • stay the course
  • press ahead
  • carry on
  • keep going
  • go the (full) distance
  • hang in there
  • hold on
  • keep at it

  • keep your head down
  • peg away
  • plough ahead
  • plug away (at something)
  • soldier on
  • stay with
  • stick to/with

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