Idiom:  joined at the hip


Idiom:  joined at the hip

  1. together with someone all the time
  2. closely connected

Note:  This metaphor is based on the idea of conjoined twins (who are literally joined together).

Example sentences

— Our son and little puppy have been joined at the hip ever since we brought her home from the animal shelter.

— My boss and I are always joined at the hip during out-of-town conferences so I won’t be able to see you.

— Disease and poverty are unfortunately joined at the hip.

— You'd expect our twins to be joined at the hip but they rarely spend time together.

— My roommate and I were joined at the hip until she joined a sorority.

— Our summer legal interns are always joined at the hip to help each other get through the work.

— Everybody has really mixed and mingled together tonight, with the exception of two people who are joined at the hip and aren't interacting with the rest of the participants.

— It's surprising, but my cat and dog are joined at the hip and even share each other's food.

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