Idiom:  in view of something


Idiom:  in view of something

  • in consideration of something
  • related to something

Example sentences

— In view of my fluency in three languages, I think your offer should be increased to $65,000.

— In view of the weather, let's postpone the picnic.

— My husband received a $10,000 bonus in view of his extra contributions at work.

— We enrolled my daughter in summer school in view of her poor performance this year.

— In view of the low registration numbers, we've decided to cancel the training.

— In view of your continued absences, we're putting you on academic probation.

— We've lowered your credit limit to $2,000 in view of your late payments over the past six months.

— We're going back on lockdown in view of the rising numbers of COVID-19 infections.


  • in light of
  • all things considered
  • taking into account
  • on account of

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