Idiom:  in arrears


Idiom:  in arrears

  • to be late with a payment
  • overdue payment

Example sentences

  • Sir, your account is three months in arrears and we will close it if we don’t receive full payment by Friday.
  • My student loans are now in arrears and my parents have generously decided to help me with my missed payments so I don't get more penalties.
  • How could my account be in arrears?  As you can see right here, my bank statement shows that my last three payments to you have cleared my checking account.
  • We need to contact all the clients who have accounts in arrears to remind them to make their payments before the end of the fiscal year.
  • I'm so embarrassed that my husband let our account get in arrears. Please tell me exactly what we owe and I will make a payment right now.
  • We're sorry but we cannot take any further orders while your account is in arrears.


  • in the hole
  • in the red

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