Idiom:  in a pinch


Idiom:  in a pinch

  • in a bad situation where help is needed
  • if absolutely necessary

Example sentences

— In a pinch, you can use molasses instead of brown sugar in this recipe.

— I was in a pinch when my glasses broke so I used tape to fasten them together until I could get them repaired.

— The next time you're in a pinch getting to work just take my car. It's ridiculous to spend $35 on a taxi when your car breaks down.

— In a pinch, I just use a scarf to cover my hair when I don't have my umbrella.

— Thank you for your help. We were in a real pinch when the bus didn't come.

— In a pinch, you can withdraw money from your Wells Fargo account using a code from your mobile phone instead of using your bank card in the ATM machine.

— My older sister is amazing. She's always able to help whenever I'm in a pinch.

— I was in a pinch when I lost my car keys but luckily my brother was at home and able to bring the spare set to me.

— We were in a pinch when our power went out but luckily my neighbor has a generator and they invited us over to their house for two days.

— I was in a pinch when my luggage didn't arrive in Rome.


  • in a pickle
  • in a jam
  • up a tree
  • up a/the creek

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