Idiom:  in a jam


Idiom:  in a jam

  • in trouble or in a difficult situation

Example sentences

  • If you get in a jam, here’s my phone number so you can reach me.
  • I’m in a real jam—I lost my key and can’t get into my house.
  • My parents have finally decided to help me buy a new car because I've been in a jam so many times when the bus or subway are late.
  • Sorry, but I won't be able to make it to the party this evening.  My babysitter is in a jam because her mother got in an accident.
  • Where were you yesterday? I was in a jam and needed someone to take my dog out.
  • We're in a jam because the caterer got in a car accident on the way here. Could you go and pick up some sandwiches, chips and sodas from the Corner Bakery?
  • I'm in a real jam.  I can't find anyone to work for me tomorrow and I need the whole day to finish up a paper for my English literature class.
  • I'm in a jam because I got a $150 speeding ticket and if I don't pay it today the fine will double. Could you possibly loan me the money?


  • in a hole
  • in a pickle
  • in a bind
  • in deep water
  • in hot water
  • in deep doo-doo (slang)
  • up a/the creek
  • up a tree

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