Idiom:  hang someone out to dry


Idiom:  hang someone out to dry

  • to abandon someone who needs help
  • to leave somebody in a dangerous or vulnerable situation

Example sentences

— I can’t believe you’re hanging me out to dry when you promised to drive me to work!

— When my husband left me I was lucky my parents didn't hang me out to dry, even though they warned me not to marry him.

— I really wish I could go with you to the beach but I can't hang my sister out to dry when I told her I'd go with her to shop for wedding gowns.

— We were hung out to dry when our friend got angry and left us at the party without a ride home.

— Dad, you promised you would take us to the concert so you can't leave us hanging out to dry like this.  We already bought the tickets!

— Our babysitter hung us out to dry Friday night so we're not going to use her again.

— If you ever hang me out to dry again, this relationship will be over.

— Everyone agreed to support my proposal at work but when the director didn't seem enthusiastic, they were all silent and left me hanging out to dry.

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