Idiom:  go along with


Idiom:  go along with (someone/something)

  • to agree to something someone else wants

Example sentences

  • I didn't want to move again but I went along with it because I know my wife really hated our old neighborhood.
  • You always go along with whatever mom wants you to buy so no wonder you hate your clothes!
  • This time, I went along with the agreement rather than negotiating it hard just to keep our relationship with a client.
  • You always go along with everything I suggest—don't you have any opinions of your own?
  • If I go along with your movie choice, can I pick the restaurant for dinner?
  • Things will be a lot more pleasant tonight if you just go along with whatever my dad says.
  • I wish I hadn't gone along with my hairdresser's suggestion to cut my hair so short.
  • I hope everyone will go along with this plan because it's really too late to make alternative arrangements.


  • don't make waves
  • don't rock the boat
  • give the green light

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