Idiom:  give something a bad name


Idiom:  give something a bad name

  • to cause something to not be respected anymore

Example sentences

  • It’s a few egocentric, bigoted and intolerant Americans that give the rest of us a bad name around the world.
  • A few attacks by pitbull dogs give the rest of the breed a bad name.
  • The director is giving the company a bad name by being aggressive with others at the public hearings.
  • Bon Jovi's song captures my ex-girlfriend so well:  "Shot through the heart / and you're to blame / you give love a bad name."
  • If you're not careful, your tweets will give you a bad name when you try to find a job after you graduate college.
  • Our football team's poor sportsmanship has given our school a bad name.
  • In many countries, if a girl simply talks to a boy she can give her entire family a bad name.


  • give a dog a bad name
  • fall from grace / favor
  • (be) a blot / stain on something
  • lose faith

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