Idiom:  get one's act together


idiom:  get one’s act together

  • improve poor or bad behavior or change bad habits
  • become more organized

Example sentences

— After skipping class and playing video games my first year in college, I got my act together and got all A’s and B’s my second year.

— I finally had to tell my assistant that she's on probation and if she doesn't get her act together and be on time for work she'll be fired.

— I need to get my act together and stop doing research and start writing my paper—it's due tomorrow afternoon.

— You really need to get your act together and sort out your finances or soon you're not going to be able to make the minimum payment on your credit cards.

— Unfortunately, I couldn't get my act together and failed out of college the first semester.

— If I don't get my act together my parents said I won't be able to backpack through Europe this summer.

— My first husband could never get his act together and constantly changed jobs,  which had a terrible effect on our marriage.

— The little league basketball team I coach finally got its act together after I had some local college players come and talk to them about how hard work made them successful.

— Clean up your room, do your homework and get your act togetheror get out of our house!

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