Idiom:  get on with something


Idiom:  get on with something

  • to start or begin something
  • to continue doing something after stopping

Example sentences

  • I don't want to do my homework but I have to do it so I may as well get on with it.
  • Everyone wants to chit chat about stupid stuff but I have work to do so I hope the director gets on with the meeting soon.
  • If there are no more questions we'll get on with the test now.
  • I hate watching three to four previews before movies. I wish they'd just get on with the show.
  • Could we get on with the match? It's going to get dark in two hours.
  • If they don't get on with the concert soon, let's just leave.
  • Please get on with your presentation—we'll hold all further questions until after you're finished.
  • Sorry, but I need to get on with this paper or I'll be working on it all night.


  • forge ahead
  • plod along

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