Idiom:  get off easily (lightly)


Idiom:  get off easily (lightly)

  • to escape serious punishment
  • a mild punishment or warning

Example sentences

  • My boss stole $50,000 from the company but he got off easy—they simply fired him rather than contacting the police.
  • Don’t expect to get off lightly if you get caught drinking and driving. 
  • My brother got off easy just because he told the truth about what he was doing.
  • Phew! I turned my paper in a day late but I got off lightly with a half a grade markdown because I've attended every class.
  • My lawyer said I'll probably get off easy this time since it's the first time I've ever been caught drinking underage.
  • Our son got off lightly with detention for cheating but if he ever does it again he will be severely punished.
  • Don't think you'll get off lightly for stealing just because your father is a lawyer.
  • I got off lightly the first time for fighting but this time I got a two-day suspension from school.


  • get a slap on the wrist

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