Idiom:  get back at someone


Idiom:  get back at someone

  • to retaliate against someone who did something to you

Example sentences

— My boss got back at me for telling his boss he was late.

— If you get back at him he’s just going to get back at you and the fighting will never end. 

— The police said my co-worker murdered his wife to get back at her for having an affair. 

— We got back at our noisy neighbors for having a loud party last night by blasting country music all day long. 

— got back at my sister for reading my diary by writing that a boy in her class was in love with her and he wasn't.

— If you think you're getting back at me by not coming to my party, you're only missing a really fun evening.

— My coworker got back at me for gossiping about her by telling everyone I stole office supplies.

— Your plan for getting back at your roommate could have really serious consequences for both of you. I suggest you reconsider. 

— What should I do to get back at my colleagues for constantly stealing my food from the refrigerator?


  • get even
  • pay back

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