Idiom:  get an earful


Idiom:  get / give an earful

  • to have to listen to someone talk a long time about something

Example sentences

— When I politely said hello and asked my neighbor how she was doing I didn't expect to get an earful.

— Couldn't you just say "yes" or "no?"  As usual, I had to get an earful

— What was your manager saying to you earlier? It sounded like you we're getting an earful.

— I hate it when my colleagues give me an earful and I have a ton of work to do.

— I'd really like the staff meeting to end on time so if everyone can quickly summarize what you're working on instead of giving us an earful we would really appreciate it.

— When I asked your girlfriend about her exams she really gave me an earful.

— My parents gave me an earful when I told them I was planning on moving to California.

— Every time we go out to lunch, Sandy gives us an earful about her relationship problems.

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