Idiom:  find one's feet


Idiom:  find one's feet

  • to become used to or familiar with a new situation or place

Example sentences

  • It can take months to find your feet in a big city like New York.
  • We're really pleased the new accountant found his feet in just two weeks.
  • I never found my feet in Los Angeles and moved back to Oklahoma after a year.
  • I was surprised how little time we needed to find your feet when we moved to Mexico.
  • Have you found your feet at your new job yet?
  • Patients who have gastric sleeve surgery need support to ensure they find their feet after surgery.
  • Our guidance counselors work hard to help students find their feet as they transition from high-school to college.


  • accustom oneself to something
  • get accustomed to
  • settle down
  • settle in
  • get into one's stride

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