Idiom:  fall into one’s lap


Idiom:  fall / drop into one's lap

  • to quickly or unexpectedly obtain or achieve something desirable without effort

Example sentences

— I spent six months looking everywhere for a job and couldn’t find anything and the week after I stopped looking, a great job just fell into my lap.

— I’m really worried about my daughter. Right now, everything seems to fall into her lap but one day she’s going to have to learn to work for the things she wants.

— My twins are so different. One has to work really hard for everything while things simply drop into the other's lap.

— After I stopped trying to force the outcome, good things just started dropping into my lap

I recommend you just focus on your health and improving your skills and the right job will fall into your lap.

— My son is confident a modeling gig will fall into his lap if he can just move to New York.

— Sometimes life is really unfair and amazing opportunities fall into lazy peoples' laps.

— Everyone thinks this promotion just fell into my lap but I've been releasing personal YouTube videos for five years, developing the skills needed for the job.

— To you, the success of many YouTubers seems to just fall into their laps. You are just not seeing all of the work done behind the scenes.


  • present itself

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