Idiom:  every man for himself


Idiom:  every man for himself

  • each person does what is best for himself

Example sentences

— There is no team spirit in this office; it’s definitely every man for himself.

— When they put out the food, it was every man for himself and I was lucky to get anything to eat.

— I played tennis for awhile but it was every man for himself and felt lonely. Now, I play volleyball and I love being part of a team.

— When you're in law school there's less group studying with every man for himself.

— At this firm, it's every man for himself, even when we are working on group projects.

— As a loner, you'll love the atmosphere here—it's every man for himself with massive bonuses when you do something outstanding.

— The culture here is every man for himself.  It has it's pros and cons.

— When I asked my twin for help with my algebra, she said it was every man for himself.


  • self-centered
  • self-absorbed
  • cut-throat

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