Idiom:  dead set against something


Idiom:  dead set against something / someone

  • determined not to do or support something / someone
  • completely opposed to something / someone

Example sentences

  • I wanted my daughter to go to an Ivy League school but she was dead set against it.
  • My parents are dead set against me moving to New York to become a singer so I'm trying to get noticed on YouTube.
  • Unfortunately, I can't accept the promotion because my wife is dead set against moving the kids to a new state while they're in high school.
  • My boyfriend and I would really like to know why you're dead set against our relationship
  • Don't bother asking the director to attend any training seminars because he's dead set against it and says he only believes in self study.
  • Why are you dead set against vegetarian meals one day a week?
  • My wife was dead set against hiring a cleaner once a week but now she wants her to come twice a week to help with the laundry and ironing.
  • My parents are dead set against us getting a dog because they think we won't take care of it.

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