Idiom:  caught up in something


Idiom:  (get) caught up in something

  • to be completely busy or absorbed in something

Example sentences

— got so caught up in reading this book that I didn’t notice how late it was and didn't get to sleep until 2:00 a.m. in the morning.

— We have a lot of work to do so please don't get caught up in the internet.

— I was actually here in my office but I was caught up in writing the report and didn't hear the phone ring.

— We were so caught up in the game that we forgot to take the dog out and he went to the bathroom on the carpet.

— Don't get caught up in your video games and miss your bus stop again.

— How did you get caught up in the argument between the CEO and COO?

— You're always caught up in Instagram whenever we go out to dinner and it's very annoying for everyone else.

— Is it 3:00 pm already? I was so caught up in cleaning the house that I haven't eaten anything all day.

— It's really easy to get caught up in drama and focus on gossip.


  • wrapped up in
  • really into

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