Idiom:  break the bank


Idiom:  break the bank

  • to be too costly or expensive
  • require more money than you have
  • ruin someone financially

Example sentences

— These days you can easily buy a smart phone without breaking the bank.

— I wanted to buy a new car but realized with my present finances it would break the bank.  So I purchased a used car and it's practically brand new.

— You need to set up a budget immediately for your Christmas expenditures or else you're always going to break the bank at the holidays.

— broke the bank going to grad school and I'm not sure how I'll ever pay back the money.

— You broke the bank buying designer shoes?  If you'd bought designer purses at least they have a good resale value.

— We broke the bank remodeling our downstairs.  Now we are forced to relocate and we'll never recoup our investment when we sell the house.

— My husband broke the bank buying a sports car. Obviously, he's having a midlife crisis.

— We were breaking the bank sending our children to private schools.  It was really difficult for them to switch to public school at first but now they seem happy with their new friends.

— Why would you break the bank on clothes when you can't pay rent?

— I don't what you to break the bank if you can't really afford to help me.


  • go under
  • go broke
  • go belly up

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