Idiom:  better late than never


Idiom:  better late than never

  • it’s good that something happened now even though it would have been better if it had happened earlier

Example sentences

— The dress arrived after the dance but better late than never—I’ll wear it to the next event.

— I handed in my term paper a day late, but it was better late than never because the teacher only marked it down one grade.

— Our flight was delayed 5 hours but better late than never because they closed the airport after the plane departed.

— We only arrived at the game at halftime but better late than never.

— Just come over now—it's better late than never and Grandpa would really appreciate the effort.

— We just received the report. We should have had it yesterday but it's better late than never.

— A: Sorry it took me a year to pay you back the $500 I borrowed.  B: Thanks, it's better late than never.

— Unfortunately, we arrived when dessert was being served but it was better late than never.


  • it's high time
  • not a moment too soon

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