Idiom:  be off


Idiom:  be off (to a place / to do something)

  • to depart, leave, or go away

Example sentences

— Are you leaving so soon? Yes, I’m off to the grocery store before it closes.

— I'm off to get some lunch. Does anyone want to join me? 

— Dr. Johnson is off to Mexico to be a volunteer surgeon for Operation Smile over the next two weeks.  I can schedule your appointment the following week if you'd like.

— Where are you off to at this time of night?

— If the weather's good we're off to the beach right after work on Friday if you want to come with us.

— Where were you off to when I passed you leaving the office earlier today?

— I'm so excited because I'm off to study abroad in Korea next semester.

— I was off to the gym when I got the call saying my mom was in a car accident.

— I wish I could talk but I'm off to babysit and I'm running late.


  • get going
  • take off

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