Idiom:  be jazzed about something


Idiom:  be jazzed about something

  • to be excited about something

Example sentences

— I’m so jazzed about my new bike I’m going to ride it to work every day.

— Are you jazzed about spring break this year?

— We're really jazzed about going camping in the mountains next week.

— Are you jazzed about the concert on Saturday or what? I can't believe we're going to see Lady Gaga.

— My students were jazzed about going to visit the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

— Our kids are so jazzed about going to the beach this summer because we're letting each of them bring along a friend.

— We're so jazzed about our new apartment. It's right on the water so we can kayak, canoe and do other water sports.

— Is your son jazzed about his new puppy? I really love golden retrievers.


  • in heaven
  • in high spirits
  • pumped up
  • stoked about something

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