Idiom:  at the latest


Idiom:  at the latest

  • not later than a specified time

Example sentences

  • I will send the report to you by 5 PM today at the latest.
  • I haven’t heard from her yet and I’m worried because she said she would arrive here yesterday at the latest.
  • We recommend you arrive two hours before your flight at the latest so you have time to check in and clear security.
  • I'll need your comments by close of business Friday at the latest to include them in the presentation.
  • You told us if we arrived  by 4 pm at the latest we could get a ride but we were there at 3:30 and they told us you'd already left.
  • Don't worry, if we leave by 2 pm at the latest we'll still beat the weekend traffic to the beach.
  • We can have your clothes dry-cleaned by 5 pm today if you get them to us by 8 am at the very latest.
  • If you send it by FedEx First Priority service, we guarantee your letter will arrive in Chicago tomorrow by 9 am at the latest.

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