Idiom:  all eyes are on someone (something)


idiom:  all eyes are on someone (something):  

  • everyone is carefully watching something to see what will happen

Example sentences

— Whenever I go out with my friend Sally all eyes are on us because she’s so beautiful.

— All eyes were on the gymnast as she mounted the balance beam to perform her routine.

— All eyes were on the speaker's PowerPoint slides as he revealed figures from the last quarter.

— All eyes were on me as I went up to the podium to get my award.

— The audience applauded and all eyes were on the prima ballerina as she entered the stage.

— My date's dress was so revealing that all eyes were on her throughout the evening.

— I hate giving presentations. When all eyes are on me I feel so nervous that I can't breathe or speak normally.

— All eyes were on the large glittering ball as the announcer counted down to the new year in New York City.

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