Idiom:  ahead of the pack


Idiom:  ahead of the pack

  • doing something more successfully than others in your group (or people you are competing against)

One meaning of "pack" is a group of animals, especially wild animals, such as wolves.

Another meaning of "pack" is to describe a group of competitors in a race or competition.

Example sentences

— I’m always reviewing my notes and reading all of the materials before class to stay ahead of the pack.

— If you want to get ahead of the pack, you should invest in the finest quality suits and accessories.

— Our daughter is always ahead of the pack in sports and other activities at school.

— In initial polling, the Republican candidate was way ahead of the pack, but recent allegations of sexual harassments now have him trailing all candidates.

— We've decided to use GoToMeeting for videoconferencing. It's ahead of the pack for customer service and pricing.

— I don't understand what happened. We were leading the pack for most of the race and then placed last.

— My children will be attending space camp this summer and taking speed reading to help them stay ahead of the pack.

— She's a natural leader without trying. It's her charisma that keeps her ahead of the pack.

— This app is definitely ahead of the pack in terms of features and styling of the interface.

— We invest heavily in R&D to keep our firm ahead of the pack.

— This investment account is far ahead of the pack.


  • one step ahead
  • a cut above
  • higher-caliber
  • head and shoulders above
  • ahead of the field
  • in a different class
  • ahead of the curve

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