Idiom:  afraid of one's own shadow


idiom:  afraid/scared of one’s own shadow 

  • to be very frightened (so frightened you'd jump if you saw your own shadow in the light).
  • timid and fearful 
  • cowardly, afraid to take risks

Example sentences

— My German Shepard may look like a guard dog but in reality he’s afraid of his own shadow.

— I'd go down in there to try to get the soccer ball but I'm even afraid of my own shadow.

— When I married my husband I was excited to have someone kill bugs in the house but he's afraid of his own shadow and won't help at all.

— I was honestly scared of my own shadow before I went to Africa to volunteer but now I'm confident and eager to take on new challenges.

— Sometimes the people who appear to be the most confident are actually afraid of their own shadows.

— Tom may be 6'2 but he's afraid of his shadow. Don't be intimated by him.

— Don't invite me to a movie like that ever again! You know that I'm afraid of my own shadow.

— My toddler is scared of her own shadow. She cries every day that I take her to kindergarten.

— Don't worry. My children were also afraid of their own shadows but as they grew older they became much more confident.

— We went to the amusement park yesterday and I had to go on all the roller coasters alone because my boyfriend is basically scared of his own shadow.

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