Idiom:  add insult to injury


Idiom:  add insult to injury

  • to make a bad situation even worse

Example sentences

— Breaking up with me was bad enough but doing it by email added insult to injury.

— To add insult to injury, the interviewer not only said I didn't get the job but he's going to check my references anyway to make sure I wasn't lying.

— Getting a $50 parking ticket after my appointment was canceled added insult to injury

— I'm sorry, but making your son wear that ugly outfit to a party he didn't want to go to really added insult to injury.

— It's bad enough that you sold my wedding ring, but telling your father I threw it way really added insult to injury.

— When my daughter announced at the party that I got fired from work for pretending to be sick, it really added insult to injury.

— She's already embarrassed her new $1,000 iPhone is ruined so don't add insult to injury by telling everyone she dropped it in the toilet.

— Having to sit next to the man who cut in line in front of me at the airport security really added insult to injury.


  • rub salt in the wound
  • add fuel to the fire
  • twist the knife
  • make matters/things worse

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