Idiom:  about time


(be) about time:  

  1. a moment that should happen now or that should have happened previously (before)
  2. used to express annoyance that something hasn't happened sooner
  3. used to strongly say that something should happen or have happened by now

Example sentences

— It’s about time you put your toys away and come to the dinner table. I'm not going to ask you again.

— Don't you think it’s about time you paid me back the money you borrowed.

— When my aunt told my sister it was about time she had kids, she burst into tears.

— With all the overtime you have been working it's about time your supervisor recognized your hard work.

— “Hey guys, sorry I'm late.” “It's about time. We've been waiting 45 minutes.”

— After 14 years, my boyfriend finally proposed. I screamed, “Yes"  but inside I was thinking, "It's about time!"

— There's still a wage gap between men and women in the United States and it's about time they fix this injustice.

— My father cut off my allowance this month and said it's about time I got a job.

— Isn't it about time you put the kids to bed?” “You think it's about time I put the kids to bed? Since I always do it I think it's about time you help out too—starting now.”

— It's about time we leave or we're going to miss the bus.


  • at last
  • at long last
  • finally

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