Idiom:  a notch above


Idiom:  a notch above (someone/something)

  • something is slightly superior to someone/something else

Example sentences

— I really love the cover of this song but the original is still a notch above.

— Both of my children are great at swimming but my youngest is a notch above my oldest.

— My son's a notch above his classmates academically but studies so much he's not enjoying high school.

— Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal in the finals. The match was close but Roger was a notch above today.

— I highly recommend this brand. It's a notch above that one.

— The quality is a notch above but it's still not worth the price difference.

— We won't be satisfied until we're a notch above the competition.

— Yes! I was a notch above Sarah on the test today and she was very upset about it.

— This index fund is currently performing a notch above the others.


  • a cut above
  • be without equal
  • be in a class above
  • be the cat's meow

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