Idiom:  with eyes closed


Note:  The idiom "with eyes closed" is often used in the forms "with eyes closed shut" or "with eyes shut."

with (one’s) eyes closed / shut:   

  • to be able to do something easily and effortlessly
  • to be very skilled at something so it is not difficult to do
  • in a relaxed manner

Example sentences

— She’s such a good cook she can practically cook with her eyes shut.

— The mailman knows this route so well he could probably drive it with his eyes closed.

— I've been knitting for so many years that I could knit a sweater with my eyes closed.

— She's so good at tennis she could play with her eyes shut.

— My son practiced his piano solo so many times that he can do it with his eyes closed.

— Our guide knows the jungle so well he could navigate it from any point with his eyes closed  shut.

— The gymnast is so good she actually did part of her routine with her eyes closed.

— Many musicians in an orchestra prefer to perform with their eyes closed shut.


  • able to do (something) blindfolded
  • with one hand tied behind one's back

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