Idiom:  keep tabs on someone or something

A detective dressed in a trench coat is standing on a street corner. Caption: Our daughter ran away three times last year so my husband hired a private detective to keep tabs on her.


Idiom:  keep tabs on someone or something

  • to monitor or carefully watch someone (or something), especially to make sure something bad doesn't happen

Example sentences

— Since my parents are keeping tabs on me, I got a second phone that they don’t know about.

— This app is excellent for keeping tabs on how many calories you consume each day.

— I use a stock tracking app to keep tabs on my budget and investments.

— She took out a restraining order on her ex-boyfriend because he was keeping tabs on everything she was doing and everywhere she was going.

— You really need to keep tabs on your children's online activity. It's scary out there.

— Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? Why not agree to use GPS trackers to keep tabs on each other?

— I can tell that my boss is keeping tabs on my breaks so I'm careful to not go out for more than 15 minutes twice a day.

— Discover's Identity Theft Protection keeps tabs on any significant changes reported to the credit bureaus or attempts to create a new account in my name.

— Norton 360 Deluxe keeps tabs on the dark web for any compromised personal data.

— Our company actively keeps tabs on our personal social media accounts so be very careful about what you post or make sure your accounts are private.

— Our investigators are keeping tabs on the suspect's movements.

— I have set a number of Google Alerts to keep tabs on the latest tech gadgets and innovations.

— Our competitors are not only keeping tabs on our social media but they are routinely creating very similar posts so we need to think of more topics unique to our company.

 Our daughter ran away three times last year so my husband hired a private detective to keep tabs on her.


  • keep your eye on
  • look out for
  • watch out for
  • watch someone like a hawk

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