Idiom:  year after year


Idiom:  year after year

  • every year for many years

Example sentences

— Year after year my kids give me ugly ties as Christmas gifts.

— I’ve been shopping at this store year after year because the service is so good.

— Year after year, we spent the holidays at my husband's parent's house but after they passed away we started going to Florida instead. 

— We hated having to buy a new Christmas tree year after year, so we finally bought an artificial one.  

— Are we going to have the same exact same debate year after year?  

— Year after year, our daughter asks us to buy her a car for her birthday and this year she didn't ask but we've decided to give her one anyways.  

— Year after year, these beautiful purple wild flowers bloom in our backyard.

— Year after year, the temperature of the earth has been rising and the rate of the change is rapidly increasing.

— Year after year, we have to explain the same procedures to staff members so  I'm going to put together an instruction manual with photos.

— We used to spend the summer year after year at our cabin, but our children no longer want to go there.


  • year in, year out

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