Idiom:  written all over one's face


Idiom:  written all over one's face

  • when one's expression shows their real feelings

Example sentences

— When I arrived at the hospital I asked to see my dad but his death was written all over my mother's face.

— I tried to hide my disappointment when I wasn't selected for the cheerleading squad but the disappointment was written all over my face

— When I went over to my mother's to tell her I was engaged, I knew she had already found out because happiness and excitement were already written all over her face.

— Jealousy was written all over my husband's face when he saw our neighbors' new BMW.

— I hope happiness wasn't written all over my face when my boss announced she was leaving the firm.

— Surprise was written all over my parents faces when I announced I was moving to Beijing for work.

— I can tell you're not happy because your annoyance is written all over your face.

— I'm sure he was surprised he got promoted because shock was written all over his face.

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