Idiom:  with one hand behind one's back


Idiom:  (do something) with one hand/arm (tied) behind one's back

  • to be able to do something very easily

Example sentences

— I’m so good at building model airplanes I could do it with one hand behind my back.

— Playing the guitar was hard at first but now I can do it with one arm tied behind my back.

— Your daughter is very talented at the piano. She can practically play it with one hand tied behind her back.

— I left my last job because I could do everything with one hand behind my back and I needed something more challenging.

— My wife can put Ikea furniture together with one arm tied behind her back but I just don't have the patience.

— That was the worst spaghetti Bolognese I've ever had. Honestly, I could prepare better with one hand behind my back.

— Here's Frederico's phone number. He's such a good handyman I'm sure he can repair that washer with one arm tied behind his back.

— This is the easiest job I've ever had. After just two days, I can do everything with one hand behind my back.


  • with eyes closed (shut)
  • do something blindfolded

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